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Our 5 Step System has been designed to ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround without any compromise on quality.





Our 5 Step System has been designed to ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround without any compromise on quality.

Quickest Turnaround in the Industry!

1: Estimate

We come to your home with samples, take measurements, and give you an estimate on the spot.

2: Material

Once you finalize a material, we order it right away and expedite delivery.

3: Measurement

Same day or next day after we confirm your material selection.

4: Fabrication

Stone is cut, polished, and fine crafted according to the final template.

5: Installation

Our scheduler will set up a convenient date for you. Complete in just 1-5 days from templating.

Best Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Everyone in today’s world loves to keep their home gratifying with interior design and modular kitchens. As cleaning becomes a vital part of the household, people prefer their living rooms and kitchens installed with easily cleaned materials.

Modular kitchens are constructed with Quartz, Granite, Solid Surface, laminate, make countertops. These materials are easy to clean with a detergent spray and make the place shinning, appealing, and hygienic.

When choosing kitchen countertops, quartz becomes the top priority among consumers. As quartz is more substantial than granite, it comes with various colors and textures.

Quartz kitchen Countertops in Toronto Ontario

In addition, it is 95% natural and 5% polymer resins rich in minerals. Therefore, appearance and the customization of designs are the reason to prefer quartz over granite.

Quick Quartz, being the leading quartz kitchen countertops supplier in Toronto, focuses on customized design and in-home consultation. We provide an end-to-end solution from material selection, fabrication, and installation of residential and commercial spaces.

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Why Quick Quartz as preferred Quartz Kitchen Countertops Supplier in Toronto

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Is quartz a good countertop for kitchen?

Quartz has become the preferred material as it is more tensile and durable compared to granite, and marbles. Since, quartz are non-porous like granites, theren’t easy breakable. Quartz Kitchen countertops can be bacteria-free is cleaned frequently. You should be aware of keeping quartz countertops away frin heat, as excessive heat can damage the material.

Is quartz Cheaper than Granite?

Yes, Quartz is cheaper than granite. The cost of quartz per square feet charges around $70 to $100, whereas granite ranges between $80 to $270 per square foot.

Which Kitchen Countertops are Best?

Quartz Kitchen Countertops are always the best in the industry. As it is available in multiple colors that suit the counters of the kitchen cabinet. Apart from this quartz is strong material than granite, easily cleaned, and has less maintenance charge. As the material is non-porous, it is less prone to damage. Many house owners prefers quartz as their kitchen countertops material in the last 5 years.

Who is the Best Installer of Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Toronto?

Quick Quartz is the best installer and supplier of quartz kitchen countertops in Toronto and the great Toronto areas. Quick quartz has served more than 500 household needs with its fast-around cutting technology. This helps them to make a custom design, fabricate, and install within 5 days.