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Should you use Quartz for your Kitchen Backsplash?

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Our 5 Step System has been designed to ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround without any compromise on quality.





Our 5 Step System has been designed to ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround without any compromise on quality.

Quickest Turnaround in the Industry!

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Should you use Quartz for your Kitchen Backsplash?

A common design question we frequently get is – “Kitchen Quartz Backsplash or Kitchen Tiled Backsplash?” 

In recent years, more and more people are opting to use cleaner looking large format tiles, smaller grout lines, and larger marble looking patterns. Using a Kitchen Quartz Backsplash to match your kitchen quartz countertops and flow into your backsplash can be a great way to achieve this. The result is a clean trendy look and easy to maintain solution. 

Using Quartz for your backsplash can be done in a variety of different looks. You can use a solid colour or lightly patterned stone and match the countertop with the backsplash or contrast with two different solid coloured stones. Another great design is to use a darker solid coloured countertop with a long veined Calacatta Quartz backplash.

The most common design for Kitchen Quartz countertops with backsplash is to use a Calacatta Quartz for both countertops and backsplash. This design option will give you the opportunity to match up some veins so it looks like it is flowing from the countertops into the backsplash. Choosing the right Calacatta Quartz option as well as reviewing the slab usage of the project will determine if extra slabs are required to match up veins. Typically with most projects we will be limited to only being able to line up and match certain areas and will try to prioritize the boldest veins or the most visible area to give it the best look possible. 

Kitchen Quartz Backsplash
Kitchen Quartz Backsplash
Calacatta Kitchen Quartz Backsplash with Lighter Veining
Calacatta Kitchen Quartz Backsplash with Lighter Veining

Looking for Quartz Kitchen Countertops with Backsplash? Here are some Common Questions you might have.

Does a Kitchen Quartz Backsplash cost more than Tiled Backsplash?

The cost of tiled backsplashes can vary dramatically. A good quality backsplash tile typically starts at around $20 per square foot but can go up to $100 per square foot for higher quality intricate marble mosaics. Installation costs can vary based on the quality and experience of the tiler but usually starts at about $15 per square foot. On average for a good quality backsplash tile and installer it would cost about $40 per square foot. This price could be much lower if using ceramic or porcelain subway tiles for example but $40 a square foot for tiled backsplash is a good figure to use to compare. 

Kitchen Quartz Backsplash is similarly priced per square foot to countertops which starts at approximately $50 per square foot and goes up to around $125 per square foot. If using a Calacatta Quartz which is the most common Quartz style used for backsplashes, the price typically ends up around $80 per square foot. 

Therefore, a Kitchen Quartz Backsplash could easily be double the cost when comparing to a tiled backsplash if we are using $40 per square foot for tiled and $80 per square foot for Quartz. 

With a Free In-Home Consultation, we can help narrow down the cost of a Kitchen Quartz Backsplash in your home and help decide whether or not it is a good option compared to a tiled backsplash. 

What is the best colour or style for Quartz Backsplash?

Trends are always changing but at the moment the Calacatta Quartz pattern is by far the most common and popular look for Quartz Backsplash. Calacatta Quartz has large veining and gives you the opportunity to have the veins flow from the countertop into the backsplash. Although it is difficult to match up all of the veins, even having a prominent vein match up in a high traffic area gives the project a unique look that is difficult to achieve using any other material. 

There are many advantages of using Quartz for Kitchen Backsplashes and looks are only one of them. In a lower cost solid colour or speckled pattern, some people choose to match the backsplash in Quartz for a simple uniform look primarily to capture some other benefits such as durability, longevity, and easy maintenance of having no grout lines. It is also much faster and simpler to have the project finished when you do not need to source additional materials and bring in a tiler after the countertops are completed. 

During our complimentary In-Home Consultation we bring samples of various stones to help you decide the best look for your Kitchen Quartz Backsplash project. 

Who is the best supplier for Quartz Backsplash in Toronto, Ontario?

Quick Quartz is the best supplier of Kitchen Quartz Backsplash installation for your project. We carry almost all brands of Quartz and provide a free in-home design consultation to ensure the right choices are made for your project. We service the extended Greater Toronto Area which covers the entire “Golden Horseshoe” in Southwestern Ontario. 

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