How to Install Quartz Countertops

How to Install Quartz Countertops

Countertops create a clean and magical decor for your living space. There are a variety of materials like quartz, marble, laminate, stone, etc. Also, these decorative stones come in various colors and shades. So, the primary criteria start with choosing the material and color of countertops that suit your cabinet.

Choose the color and material wisely that brings a personal touch to your interior decor. We at Quick Quartz follow a 5 step installation process that completes within 5 days.

How to Install Quartz Countertops - Step by Step Process:

Measure the dimensions of the counter:

  • The initial measurement should start from the corner. It’s called professionalism when you can get a square shape (90 degrees), as it adjusts up to 1/4″
  • Make sure the walls are straight. You should shape the backsplash if the walls are uneven, sloppy, or slanted. The adjustment can be made up to 3/8″.
  • To determine what size countertop to buy, measure the depth of your base cabinets: 23 3/4″ is standard. It is essential to include the overhang of the counter (3/4″ to 1″) in your measurement.
  • Measure the length of the counter both behind and in front.
  • Make sure that backsplashes don’t conflict with the base and wall cabinet.
  • Once again, check the level of the base cabinets.

Cut the Countertop Length:

  • Place all countertops over the base cabinets gently that fit the wall.
  • Make sure all the doors of the counter are freely open. If they strike or rub slightly over the countertops, we should use inbuilt strips of 2 inches to raise the countertop over the counter doors.
  • Cover countertops with masking tape before cutting them down. Doing so will make it easier to determine where to cut.
  • Turn the countertop over and mark the cut location. Make sure it is accurate.
  •  If necessary, install a cutting guide. Don’t cut through the counter’s finished surface.
  • Make sure the blade has a fine tooth. Be sure to file the cut edge from top to bottom. Apply edgebanding to the cut end.

Fit the countertops:

  • Masking tape should be applied to the backsplash and corners.
  • Mount the countertops to the cabinets in their final position. Align the two corners so that they are flush.
  • Use dressing to level and clamps to maintain the position, and check backsplashes are fitted over the wall.
  • Use a pencil compass to stretch between the backsplash and wall or between two corner sections if adjustments are needed. 
  • Highlight with lines over the masking tape on the countertops section to be removed.
  • Repeat for the remaining countertop sections.
  • Remove the clamps and sand the backsplash to the compass line using a belt sander or file.
  • Check the fit of the countertop sections on the cabinets.

Join All the Countertop Section:

  • Prepare the cabinet boxes by laying out countertop sections. Ensure that you access the counter from below. If not, you should pre-assemble countertop sections.
  • Apply a glob of silicone caulking to one end of a countertop section and press the two ends together.
  • Insert the miter bolts into their factory cut slots.
  • Screw up the bolts near the inside corner.
  • Ensure that the countertop surface is flat and that the join is lined up. Cover the counter with a cloth and place a piece of wood to adjust the join.
  • Once you’re happy with the adjustments, tighten all the bolts under the counter. Remove excess caulking

Fix the countertop to the cabinets

  • Ensure the backsplashes flush the wall, and the countertop is in its final position.
  • Screw down the countertops. Ensure the screws are prolonged enough to go through the cabinet and the countertop but not through the countertop surface.
  •  Screw-in from below while maintaining pressure from above, from the countertop down.
  • Screw the corner strips.
  • Screw all the base cabinets.
  • Clear all dust along the junction between the backsplash and the wall.
  • Use taping to fill spaces between the backsplash and the wall.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I install a quartz countertop myself?

Yes, you can definitely install the quartz countertops on own. Yet, can’t match the expertise of the professionals who are in the industry for long time and handled 500+ projects.

Small error will make you a huge loss as you have to relaunch the installation. So, better work by hiring best countertops installation company near you 

Are quartz countertops hard to install?

Installation of quartz countertops requires a minimum experience and expertise. So, it will be moderately hard to install without a professional countertops installers like Quick Quartz.