Be there or be square! Or is it better to be round when it comes to the Radius of your sink?

What is a Radius?

The term radius refers to the distance from the center of a circle to the perimeter of the circle (in other words, the radius is one half of a circle’s diameter). The diagram to the right shows the measurement we are referring to. So a 10mm radius would mean there is a 1cm length from where the corner starts curving to where a 90 degree corner would have been.

Zero Radius Sinks (pictured above) are becoming more and more popular due to the recent trend of modern minimalist straight line design, shaker style cabinets, glossy slab cabinets, and simple subway tile backsplashes. The best thing about Zero Radius sinks is the name. It sounds very trendy and futuristic and is something that not many others have, easily making it a topic of discussion. It also looks like something you would see in a professional restaurant kitchen with the industrial sharp 90 degree angles.

Traditional “Round” Sinks are most popular for their lower cost and easiness to clean. The cost of manufacturing and shipping a rounded sink is much lower than a squared sink even if it is the same material and weight. The corners are rounded but so are the edges around the base of the sink, which reduces the overall volume and makes it difficult to place large dishes flat at the bottom without tipping over. “Round” sinks usually have a radius of around 100mm.

Half Radius Sinks provide you with the best of both worlds. Having a radius of 10mm-25mm around the edges provides a nice clean look and is still easy to clean. The cost is a bit lower than Zero Radius Sinks but is normally about double the cost of “Rounded” sinks. Half Radius sinks are still considered “Rectangular” Sinks, they just don’t have the sharp 90 degree edges that Zero Radius Sinks do. They are a great option to still achieve the sophisticated look and also work well with traditional looks and decors. Overall they are versatile and functional which make Half Radius sinks the best choice in most cases.

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